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Electric Pool Submarine Radish Summer Children Submarine Children Bathroom Toys

Electric Pool Submarine Radish Summer Children Submarine Children Bathroom Toys

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Product Features:
This electric sprinkler toy adds fun to bath time for babies. With the help of a remote control, babies can immerse the submarine into water and let it swim and move freely. The submarine can also perform different spray modes, providing more stimulation and entertainment to babies.

In addition, this baby bath sprinkler toy has a cute design that highlights infants' affinity and curiosity towards the world. It not only accompanies babies to play but also increases their interest in bathing and maintains their attention, becoming a useful tool for parents.

Suitable Age:
This product is suitable for baby boys and girls of all ages.

The baby bath sprinkler toy is made of safe and non-toxic materials, which is safe for babies to use.

During use, make sure the remote control is safe to prevent safety accidents. In addition, this product uses electric power, so please ensure correct usage and storage to avoid affecting product quality and lifespan.


  1. This product is suitable for use in areas where children like to play, such as bathtubs or swimming pools.

  2. Before use, please install batteries into the remote control and confirm that it is working properly.

  3. During operation, make sure to turn off the power switch of the remote control and submarine.

  4. The remote control should be placed outside of the reach of babies to prevent unnecessary danger.

  5. After use, please turn off the power switches of the submarine and remote control and remove the batteries to prevent damage.

  6. Do not allow infants and young children to use this product alone, it must be used under the supervision of an adult.

  7. If the submarine accidentally falls into a deep water area, please retrieve it promptly to prevent accidents or hazards.

  8. Please avoid exposing the product to direct sunlight or long-term exposure to high temperature, humidity, or corrosive environments.

  9. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the sales or after-sales service team.

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